Sunday, January 9, 2011

Studio Organization Results {Week 1}

Last week's organization tasks were to complete the following:
  • Everything needs to be up off of the floor. This means, everything on the floor is being put into the biggest, most available plastic lidded (meaning, I can find the darn lid) container, and stacked up. It's time for the carpet to see the light of day... or night... or the light from the ceiling fan.
  • My workspace/desks need to be clear. This means that if the items do not have a readily accessible home or spot, they also go into the bins mentioned in item 1.
  • Each of the permanent (meaning in a fixture) bins, baskets, boxes, and drawers need to be clearly labeled with their contents. This will aid in preparing for next week's tasks.
I am pleased to say that I accomplished all three of the tasks involved in last week's goal! Here are the photos to prove it!
State of the Studio (Photos taken 01/08/11)
I'll be honest, a whole lot of bins and boxes were used to get everything up and off of the floor. No joke. 

Where are they at you ask?

In my hallway. My upstairs hallway. 

They can't stay there. 

Stay tuned for how I'm going to get them taken care of and for next weeks tasks! 

Did you participate in this week's challenge! If so, link up below! I'd love to see what you accomplished, and cheer you on to success too!


  1. That's awesome! Good for you, Heather!
    I hope to get my first "hot spot" cleaned out this coming week.

  2. Just came to your blog from "Getting Stitched on the Farm" and will follow along to get some good ideas. I'll take pictures tomorrow and put in my blog so I have a before and after.