Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Studio Organization Results {Week 2}

I really bit off a big task for our Week 2 challenge.

Note to Self: Take it easy! (Especially on week's where you're starting an online class. DOUBLE especially if the class is amazing and soul restoring and very very deep.)

 Here's what I set out to accomplish, and how I did (in red).

  • Resolve at least two bins (or one of those huge, honkin' bins). Done! Though, not necessarily by design! I needed to find a few things, and emptied three bins as I was searching.
  • Organize all of the patterned paper and card stock. Done! I'll share organizational method that works for me for my patterned papers, and card stocks.
  • Organize all of my wallpaper. Not done. My original plan of trimming the rolls and pieces of paper down to size didn't happen. However, my wallpaper remains contained in a bin and in my room. I'm continuing to think of other ideas to organize and tidy all of it up though.
  • Organize my paper ephemera. Done! The system I set up is working and has made it quite easy for me to find exactly what I'm looking for. I'll share my system and how I implemented it too.
  • Organize my "scraps". Done! I've had a system set up for a few years, and used to faithfully keep it organized. Over the last year or so, I stopped keeping it organized so it was a chaotic mess of paper. I'll also share this system and how I use it (including what I keep, and what I toss).
I  have several posts partially written to share my organizational methods for my patterned paper, ephemera, and scraps that I'll be publishing during the next week. Each of these posts is fairly detailed so I don't want to put the details of all three in one large post. 

I feel that I was successful in achieving the tasks I set out to do during week 2. I feel good about it, even though the wallpaper didn't get done. (But, in reality, it's currently tidy and contained... so if I don't get to it.. I'll be okay with it!)

I had several surprising realizations while sorting patterned paper though. I'll share them when I do the patterned paper post. 

Next week's tasks are designed to be easy going, and simple for me to achieve.

  • Organize beads and other jewelry findings.
  • Organize buttons.
  • Organize & sort through tool buckets, bins, & boxes.
  • Organize magazines and idea/inspirational books.

How are you doing with your organizational goals and pursuits? I'd love to hear and see how things are going for you!


  1. Decluttering I love that gene!! My family is onto methough and check the garbages before it goes out.:(

  2. Sadly, I'm still working on my goals from week 1! Maybe I need to do month to month goals so I don't feel like such a loser? I will get this done, though! Thanks for the continued inspiration!!

  3. Looking forward to learning how you organize your paper.
    I don't think I'm going to get anything done this week and I've decided that I'm okay with that. I did more organizing and cleaning last week than anything else so I need to balance it out with some creating this week.

  4. I am starting to see my floor I am going to post pictures when it is all said and done!